Best Veggie Pasta Ever

If I do say so myself. Inspired after watching favorite Lidia Bastianich’s Saturday show. Yet, I didn’t want meat or fish in the dish.

A bright balance of ingredients came together just as I tasted them in my mind. A perfect supper with Frog’s Leap Zin. A little sauce dominates the taste.

Make spaghetti as directed. Half a DeCecco box for 2.

Meanwhile, drain and chop a can of Cento whole Marzano Italian tomatoes. Chop 10 Crimini mushrooms into quarters. Chop 14 Kalamata olives. Chiffonade 20 fresh basil leaves. Julienne half a lemon peel (no pulp). Finely mince 2 cloves garlic. 1 tbs. capers.

In a heavy cast iron fry pan, brown the mushrooms in olive oil. Add ground black pepper, dried oregano and thyme, to taste; half the minced garlic. Deglaze with a quarter cup of the Zinfandel.

Add the chopped tomatoes, olives and capers. Stir and heat for a couple of minutes only. Should stay chunky.

Stir the drained pasta with a little butter and pepperoncini flakes, rest of minced garlic.

Serve in bowls. Spoon sauce on top of the pasta, then finish with the fresh basil and lemon peel. Basil and lemon shine.


Summer End Pasta

Neighbor with greenest thumb ever brought over sweetest cherry tomatoes.So. Made a little spaghetti.

Roasted zucchinis with olive oil, pepper and garlic powder. Put the cooked drained pasta back in the pasta pot, with no water. Turned to medium high heat, and stirred in chunks of the zucchini, the cherry tomatoes and a generous amount of butter.

Served with shaved asiago.

Simple is best when the garden is still giving us these gems. Thanks, Louise!