Pioneer Valley Spring Supper

Serves 2.

In a heavy oval skillet, sauté Hatfield bacon until crispy. Add Hadley grass tips. Add julienned Florence farmstand yellow or orange bell pepper. Brown.

Whisk together 4 fresh Williamsburg eggs with Side Hill Farm milk. Add to skillet and stir until eggs are set on the bottom. Season with cracked black pepper and chopped fresh chives.

Put pan under the broiler until golden brown on top. Serve with fresh Greenfield salsa.


Hadley Grass Salad

It’s finally up. Hadley grass. Pioneer Valley’s famous asparagus.

No need to shave tender stalks, just cut off the ends.

Blanch until cooked but still crisp.

Stop cooking with cold water and divide on small plates when room temperature.

Sprinkle with dried oregano (crushed in the palm of your hand), ground white pepper, halved cherry tomatoes with a pinch of celery salt, fresh basil leaves chiffonade, crumbled Stilton cheese, and drizzle with the best Balsamic vinegar you can get.

My favorite Balsamic vinegar is Fini.