Custardy French Toast

This is a custardy version of French Toast from Eric Ripert. It will have a creamy inner consistency:

He puts a little milk on top of day old bread, brioche or baguette slice. Then beats an egg and puts half on top of the bread. He then sprinkles sugar on top. He puts it egg-side down in a fry pan with melted butter. He then tops the other side with the rest of the beaten egg and sprinkles sugar on top. When the underside is golden carmelized brown he flips the toast and cooks it until golden brown on that side. He serves it with a cinnamon infused smoked maple syrup.

My version:

I beat an egg with a half tablespoon plain yogurt and a couple dashes of cinnamon. I put half of the beaten egg mixture on top of an Arnold’s Oat Nut bread slice. I then place it in the fry pan of melted butter. I put the rest of the egg mixture on top. When the underside is crispy around the edges and golden brown, I flip it. When the other side is golden brown, I serve it with 100% pure maple syrup from Western Massachusetts. A little more butter on top never hurts, either.