Carol’s Cupboard

I’ve updated in the city with Citarella spices and sauces whenever possible. Also from Columbus Avenue Farmer’s Market.



I had the following stuff in my country pantry:

Boar’s Head spreads
Rao’s tomato sauces
Grey’s Dijon mustard
Sesame Oil- hot, regular
Olive oil- extra virgin
Vegetable oil
Vinegars- red wine, white, balsamic, cider
Worcestershire sauce

Morton & Bassett dried spices- basil, chives, oregano, dill weed, thyme, cayenne pepper, ground coriander, ground cardamom, ground ginger, whole black peppercorns, whole green peppercorns, whole white peppercorns, ground cumin, turmeric, paprika, celery salt, red pepper flakes, ground cloves, cinnamon, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic powder

Stonewall Kitchen marinades, grill sauces- sriracha teriyaki, vidalia onion fig, maple chipotle, curried mango, wasabi ginger, sesame teriyaki, mesquite

Health Valley organic soups, chilis
Black beans
Kidney beans
Chick peas
RiceSelect Kazmati rice
RiceSelect Couscous
Arborio rice
Jar of jalapeños
Wildfire Salsa- hot and mild
Anchovy paste
Garlic paste
Black olives
Kalamata olives
Green olives
Cento or Rao’s canned whole tomatoes
Sun-dried tomatoes
Pacific broths- vegetable, chicken
Drew’s Lemon Goddess dressing (tahini)
Brianna’s Asiago Caesar dressing
Peet’s French roast coffee
Jake & Amos 
4 bean salad, marinaded mushrooms, pickled beets
Kosher salt

French Chablis, Sancerre
Pinot Noir, Beaujolais

In the freezer:

Butoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti
Butoni Sausage Ravioli
StonyField Farms Minty Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

In the fridge:

Side Hill Farm plain yogurt

Kitchen tricks:

Paper towels are your friend. Put them in bowls under chopped, sliced vegetables to keep them dry during prep. Also great to put a paper towel under cutting boards to collect bits and keep counters clean. Put a paper towel on top of greens in the salad crisper bin in the fridge. Keeps lettuce crispier longer and doesn’t brown as quickly.

Coffee as cleanser. Pour leftover coffee into greasy pots and pans and let sit overnight. Easy cleaning, less grease on sponges.


2 thoughts on “Carol’s Cupboard

  1. I must say I love this section, I often wonder what Staples other cooks have in their kitchen! So nice to have a list 🙂 I’m totally gonna steal this idea (hope you don’t mind)

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Oh and I love the format you use for your recipes, I am the same exact way…I never measure and have such a hard time writing out recipes to post, because I can’t really use standard measurements. 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

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