Recipe Detours deviate from traditionally written recipes. They are for cooks who like the art of cuisine, not the science. Flexible ingredient options, general methodologies. Creations of Carol’s particular preferences and palate.

From Western Massachusetts.


Carol’s former Country Kitchen. Northampton, Massachusetts.



To the Upper West Side. Farmer’s Market on Columbus Aveune.




Navigate these recipes and make them avenues to your own:

Meat Street  Organized by meat type. Veal. Pork. Chicken. Beef. Lamb.
Surf Side  Seafood. Fish.
Via Veggie  Suppers. Salads. Sides.
Carol’s Cupboard  Stuff Carol always has in her pantry.


Click here amazon.com to buy Table’s Edge, a hard bound cookbook and anecdotal history of Northampton’s dining scene by Carol Colitti Levine, copyright, 2005, Hadley Publishing. A wonderful gift in its second printing. 



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