Middle Pond Lamb Kabobs


Have Southampton Citarella butcher cut leg of lamb into 2″ cubes, trimmed of sinew. Marinate in Maple Chipotle Grill Sauce. Place in  the fridge for a few hours. At the Bridgehampton Green Thumb farmstand, get a couple small red onions, 10 ish large firm mushrooms, 10 ish large cherry tomatoes.

Quarter the onions. Wash and take stems off mushrooms. Wash cherry tomatoes. Dry all veggies and coat with olive oil. Place them on individual skewers. Take the lamb out of the marinade, pat dry and place on 2 skewers.



Preheat the grill and sear the lamb until blackened all around. Set aside off flame. Cook the veggies until blackened and cooked through. Brush with a little more Maple Chipotle sauce if you want as the meat and veggies cook.

Take off skewers and enjoy!


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