Linguine alle Vongole

At mAd Ben’s uptown NYC flat. What a treat.

Sweet & fresh little necks from Whole Foods Columbus Circle.

Serves 4. Figure 1 dozen little necks per person.

In a bowl or glass container, add the following:

A generous half cup of olive oil
1 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
6 cloves of garlic (3 chopped, 3 mashed)
1/2 cup chopped parsley
3 tbs. UNsalted butter

In a deep stock pot, heat 3 tbs. vegetable oil so that a drop of water sizzles. Add the 4 dozen cleaned little neck clams. Cover and keep on high heat until clams start to open and release their juices, 4-5 minutes.

Add above sauce ingredients, stir and cover for another 3-5 minutes until all clams have opened and sauce is heated. Typically a clam or two won’t open, so don’t overcook the others, just discard the unopened ones.

Concurrently prepare enough linguine to serve 4.

Ladle clams and sauce over the pasta evenly in each pasta dish. Have a crusty bread on hand to sop up extra sauce.

The star is the sauce, finished by the nectar of the little necks. mAd Ben’s were perfectly cooked.


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