Passover Strahl Brisket

Birdie Sandler Strahl’s original, handed down to me by her daughter Betsey.

Serves 8-10.

4-5 lb. first cut fresh brisket of beef. Not too lean. It shrinks. But, it’s rich.

In a dutch oven, brown brisket well on both sides to sear. Don’t need olive oil. Take out and place on dish.

Brown at least 3 large sliced onions, the more the better. Put the brisket back into the pan and season with generous amount of paprika, pepper, garlic powder, salt. Pour 16 oz. canned tomato sauce over the meat.

Bake at 350 degrees tightly covered for one hour.

Remove from oven and add 1 cup pinot noir. It is our modern preference over the traditional Jewish wine.

Return to the oven, again tightly covered and bake for another hour.

Take out of the oven and put the meat on a cutting board. Slice into thick pieces against the grain. Put sliced meat back into the pot and make sure it is covered with the liquid, add chicken broth if necessary.

Cover and bake another hour or more until meat falls apart.

Serve with hot horseradish and Dr. G’s Potato Latkes.


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