Post Stuffington Frittata

Enough with the bland turkey and stuffing. Add a little spice to post-Thanksgiving weekend brunch. Prepare ahead the following so when guests arrive it’s just a jiffy:

Slice then quarter 2-3 chorizo or andouille sausages.

Core slice and chop a yellow pepper.

Quarter 6-8 crimini mushrooms.

Slice and chop a sweet onion.

In a large cast iron skillet, brown the vegetables in a little olive oil and butter. Put in a bowl to cool to room temperature.

When ready to cook for guests, turn oven to high broil.

Crack 8 eggs into a medium sized bowl. Fold in a tablespoon + of plain yogurt. Lightly whisk until eggs are smooth but not beaten.

Put the browned vegetables back into the skillet and warm up on medium high heat. Add the eggs and stir until set on the bottom, so sides peel off easily.

Add chopped tomatoes and shred your favorite cheese on top.

Place under the broiler until bubbly and brown.

Take out and let sit for a few minutes. Slice like a pizza and serve with Tabasco sauces.


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