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Black Cod~ Nobu Nod

Nobu not Next Door. Downtown. Still worth the trip. But. Found gorgeous filet at Citarella couple blocks away on Broadway. Marinade 2 pieces cut crosswise in their Miso Asian Sauce or any of your favorite Miso Sauce. Refrigerate at least a few hours. Overnight to 48 hours is great. Remove from fridge and bring to room temperature. Wipe excess marinade from the cod with paper towels.

skin side upCoat non-stick skillet with oil and on high flame brown skin side up to almost black. Turn and brown the skin side, 2-3 minutes. glazed cod 2

Cover and on medium cook until opaque. Maybe 5 minutes depending on thickness. Can add more sauce if desired.

Finally figuring out new stove. Yay.


Plated glazed black cod with peas and mushrooms. plated black cod

Central Park West

Cooking’s A Gas

A new experience. Gas stove and oven. Learning tricks and pitfalls. Burners are different sizes for various purposes. Simmering vs. boiling. After not getting a good sear on Dover sole, may have to heat the pan first to get proper crispness. Also, broiler was not hot enough to brown veal chops. Mark Bittman of the NYTimes and many others confirm that this is typical. So. Suggest turning oven up to highest temperature before broiling to get preferred crunch. It’s a process.