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GazPacho Fresco

A most time-consuming and messy prep for what looks like so little result. But, it does taste fresh and good in mid-summer when ingredients are plentiful at the farm stand. We had a particularly tasty gazpacho at Café Adam in Great Barrington, Ma. Without having their recipe, think this comes close. The secret is watermelon and celery. Our additon is the avocado garnish.

Consistency is key. Not too thick or tomatoey. Light. No bread in the mix. So, important to strain the tomatoes and make sure that seeds are gone: Eight large tomatoes in boiling water until skin splits, then transfer to a bowl with ice cubes. Peel and core. Squeeze and push them through a conventional strainer into a medium-sized bowl. Discard pulp and seeds. Pour tomato liquid into a regular blender and pulse until smooth. Set aside in a bowl.

Medium chop: 2 yellow bell peppers, 1 small jalapeño pepper, 2 large cukes (skinned & seeded), 1 small red onion, 4 cloves garlic, 2 tender celery stalks. 4 2″ cubes watermelon. 4 tbs. red wine vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, ground white pepper to taste.

Put half of the tomato liquid back into the blender with half of the above. When smooth pour into a large pitcher. Blend the rest of the tomato liquid and other remaining ingredients until smooth and light. Pour into same pitcher. Finely slice one stalk of celery. Add and stir. Chill.

To serve. Pour into bowls with finely chopped jalapeño to taste on top. Mash a very ripe avocado into a creamy mixture then add a large dollop to each bowl. Crunchy baguette on the side. Buen verano!


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