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Skewers and a grill. Serve any combination of these over brown rice or as a side to any grilled meat. A summer delight. Trick is to keep like veggies on each skewer so they can be grilled separately for desired doneness. For example, onions take longer than mushrooms or tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil, Catalina salad dressing and swirl skewers to coat veggies.

Dr.GrillMan grills on an open charcoal fire for blackened crunch. Then, covers on the edges of the fire to finish. One skewer each of:

Large fresh scallions (green onions). Cut bulbs, thick stalks into large chunks.
Zucchini or Pattypan squash, large chunks.
Crimini mushroom caps, whole.
Red, yellow, or orange peppers, cut into large pieces.
Dense tomatoes, like Romas work best, cut into halves.


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