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Hadley Grass

It’s that time of year again. Our native Hadley asparagus, called ‘grass’ is early this year. Stalks are tight and sweet. Eat a lot of it from the local farm stand, so cook it many ways. Although, it is perfect just quickly steamed au naturel. Another great method is to roast the stalks a la “Alison’s Awesome Asparagus” on Via Veggie page. Last night, made with a shallot, brown butter sauté over pasta:

Cut the tips off a bunch of small stalks, so that the most tender part only is used. Finely chop 1 large shallot. In a small skillet on medium high, melt 1/8 lb. salted butter with shallots and asparagus tips. When butter foams, stir until it turns a nutty brown. Serve over pasta or rice as a side dish.

Photo: James Baigrie, Saveur 2007


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