Chicken Bones

In my quest for new recipes, I’m testing all the time. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are tough. Literally. It’s near impossible to cook them through while keeping the texture moist. When I substituted boneless skinless breasts for skin-on, bone-in recently, it didn’t work. Result was dry stringy chicken.

If you have a recipe that keeps the boneless, skinless breasts moist, let us know. Burmese Chicken on Meat Street page works pretty well, but it’s a slower braise. Bone-in is better, if you can put up with picking them out.

And, personally, I love crispy skin.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Bones

  1. I make a teriyaki marinade (Joy of Cooking’s version) and use it on bone-in or boneless breasts with good success. There are definitely some tricks to grilling chicken so it’s cooked through and remains moist and tender; marinating can definitely help.

    1. Thanks. Yes, marinades do help, true. Good call.

      This was a one pan chicken-rice recipe which I will post, the rice was fabulous. But, I’ll adjust for chicken doneness and timing.

      -Carol Colitti Levine

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